SWP Gas Cutting Kit Oxygen Propane Set 2038

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Product Description

Popularly known as a Contractors Cutting Outfits, this is a basic boxed set of cutting gear designed for robust site use where harsh operating conditions are prevalent. Regulators are plugged to ensure gauges are not broken and hoses are 10m in length to ensure good access. The cutting torch provided is the standard 18/90 type which uses ANM or PNM type nozzles.

This particular kit is for use with oxygen and propane gases. Flashback arrestors are also supplied in keeping with standard site requirements.Great value for money and priced to suit the DIY or professional market.


  • 18/90 Cutting Torch
  • Single Stage Plugged Oxygen Regulator 10 Bar
  • Single Stage Plugged Propane Regulator 4 Bar
  • Fitted Hose Oxygen 10mm x 10m x 3/8HCV
  • Fitted Hose Propane 10mm x 10m x 3/8HCV
  • Oxygen Flashback Arrestor
  • Fuel Gas Flashback Arrestor
  • PNM Cutting Nozzles 1/32, 3/64
  • Cup Spark Lighter
  • Combination Spanner
  • Suitable for many applications
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