SIP 09274 Fireball 1071DV Propane Gas Space Heater

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Product Description

Fireball 1071DV Propane Gas Space Heater from SIP is a stainless steel variable heat propane gas heater which varies from 51,787 to 107,000 BTU, with dual voltage which allows the use of both 230v and 110v.

Requiring an electricity supply to power the fan, this dual voltage can be used with either 230v or 110v power supply. Using an average of 1.004 – 2.014kg of propane per hour, you can easily heat the required space with low running costs. Designed with a stainless steel casting which can be used daily this heater is ideal for use in industrial, agricultural and automotive environments. This highly portable heater can be fitted with an optional wheel kit so you can easily move the heater around to where the heat is required.

Please Note: All heaters require power.

  • 230v (13amp) / 110v dual voltage input supply
  • 718m³ (25,355 cu.ft) approximate heating area
  • 51,787 – 107,000 BTU/hr (15.2/31.4kW) output
  • Stainless steel construction for added strength
  • Compact and lightweight professional heater
  • Ideal for trade and professional applications
  • Optional wheel kit available to purchase
  • Reliable safety grille integrated
  • Premium Italian construction
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