SIP 05773 Weldmate HG 2300M TIG/MIG/ARC Inverter Welder

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Product Description

This is the latest product from SIP new in 2016

Item No: 05773

Weldmate HG 2300M TIG/MIG/ARC Inverter Welder

230v (16amp) Supply

3-in-1 welder for maximum versatility

30amp – 200amp MIG Output Current

30amp – 170amp ARC Output Current

20amp – 200amp TIG Output Current

200 amps @ 50% Duty Cycle – 20?C

200 amps @ 20% Duty Cycle – 40?C

0.6mm – 1.0mm Wire Diameter

0.7kg – 5kg Wire Spool Size

Solid / Flux cored Wire Type

Dinzes sockets

Lightweight, portable machine

2 Year warranty

Complete with a 3m MB15 Mig torch, 3m earth cable with earth clamp, gas hose and gas clamp, Hand held face mask, Chipping hammer, 0.2Kg 0.8mm flux core

wire, 0.6, 0.9 & 1.0mm contact tip

Electrode holder and cable + scratch start tig torch purchased separately

Comes with a 2 year warranty


Additional information

Weight 1.00 kg

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