SIP 05711 HG1400DA ARC Inverter Welder 140 Amps

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Product Description

These multi-functional ARC/TIG Inverters from SIP are equipped with a Voltage Reduction Device, Lift-TIG start function, anti-stick circuitry and dinse sockets. Supplied with accessories.


230v (13amp) supply

140amps @ 60% duty cycle

20amps – 140amps (peak) current range

1.5mm – 7.0mm weld thickness (mild steel)

1.6mm – 3.2mm max. electrode size

Lightweight – weighs only 4.5kg!

VRD – Voltage Reduction Device

Thermal overload protection

Lift-TIG function included

Handy anti-stick circuitry

Generator friendly

2 Year Warranty

Complete with Welding cable, Electrode Holder and Earth Cable


Additional information

Weight 1.00 kg

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