SIP 02803 Meteor 8000 Electronic Headshield

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Product Description

SIP Meteor 8000 Electronic Headshield

The SIP Meteor 8000 Panoramic Electronic Headshield uses True Colour HD LCD lens technology and panoramic windows for high clarity and increased peripheral vision, and a better experience.

  • 100mm x 83mm active viewing area
  • 1/10,000sec light-to-dark response time; 4 light sensors
    rapid and effective eye protection from sudden arcs
  • 9-13 SHADE for ARC/MIG/TIG; 4 SHADE grinding,
    and 5-9 SHADE for plasma; versatility in all tasks
  • True Colour HD LCD lens technology enhances the
    detail and clarity of the weld for improved experience
  • Panoramic 5 SHADE side windows aid peripheral vision
  • Side-mounted adjustment – adjustable sensitivity / control
  • Test button checks electronic shielding functions correctly
  • Powered via solar panel and Lithium CR2450 battery
  • Adjustable padded headband for added comfort
  • Integrated low shield power warning light
  • Lightweight and compact design
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