New SIP 04382 QTair Silenced Compressors

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Product Description

The SIP 50L Silenced Compressor is built with a powerful brushless induction motor, twin cylinder and motor pump unit, and integrated pressure cut-off switch and regulator for heavy-duty yet silenced performance.

• 230v input supply, 50litre air receiver size
• 1.3hp (1kW) 4-pole slow-running brushless induction motor for extended working life
• Fan-cooled twin cylinder motor / pump unit
• Integrated pressure switch and air regulator
• Large handle and wheels for easy movement
• 7.30CFM maximum piston displacement
• 5.40CFM maximum free air delivery (FAD)
• 116psi (10bar) max. working pressure
• 59dB(A) low noise level

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