New 25371 Helvi SPARC 146 Inverter Welder

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Product Description

The HELVi® SPARC 146 is a heavy-duty inverter welder that offers consisent and controllable ARC performance, plus hot start ignition, anti-stick, IGBT technology, and lightweight plastic case.

• 230v (13A) input supply
• 10A – 120A output current range
• 120A @ 25% powerful duty cycle
• For 1.6, 2, 2.4, 3.2mm Ø electrodes
• Consistent controllable ARC performance
• Hot start; ideal for hydrogen applications
• IGBT technology; superior welding arc stability
• Anti-sticking prevents electrode short circuit and allows easy removal of the electrode
• Generator-friendly so is ideal for site work
• Plastic case offers excellent protection from damage/environment, and easy transport
• Integrated Voltage Reduction Device (VRD
• Built-in thermal overload protection
• Lightweight, portable, and compact
• Made in Italy / 3 year warranty

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