D&B Gold Clamp 20-90mm (1″-3″)

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Product Description

The D&B GOLD-Clamp series can accommodate a wide range of pipe diameters and boasts a comprehensive range of products that will support pipes from 1 to 14? outer diameter.
As a trusted manufacturer in the pipe stand and accessory market, D&B Pipe Stands’ products are all produced to the highest possible quality and utilise premium-grade materials throughout. The D&B Gold Clamp series is no exception and is manufactured from forged steel to guarantee reliable strength and durability for many years of heavy use.
All products within the D&B Gold Clamp series have stainless steel roller balls fitted to the wing bolts as standard. Our range of pipe clamps is capable of securing pipe sizes from 1″ to 14″


Weight = 1.4Kg

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