Clear Weld Auto Helmet 9 – 13 + Grind Joker

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Product Description

This helmet which is a shade 9 – 13 variable type has also the function to use it for grinding so that you grind with it as well.

There is a picture of playing cards on this colourful welding helmet which can also be used for grinding ( switch to grinding and it does not react and stays in a light shade to see what you are doing )

Optical Class 1/2/1/2

Viewing Area 98 x 44  mm

Light State 3.5 DIN

Dark State 9 – 13

External Shade Control

Fully Automatic Power On / Off

UR / IR Up to shade 16 at all times

Power Supply is Solar Cell

Switching Time 1 / 16000th sec

Dark to Light  0.65 – 0.80 secs

Low Amp Tig Rated 10 A either DC or AC

Weight 435 Grams

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