Aluminium Welding Durafix Pack of 2 x Rods plus Brush

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This Aluminium Welding Durafix Rod Pack of 2 will weld most types of Aluminium with just a hand held propane type torch (In the Gas Equipment section code 1716) and it will produce a sound joint stronger than the parent metal.

No fluxes required, no fumes and a low working temperature of around 390C degrees

Comes with instructions, a stainless steel brush and 2 x 45cm long rods

Clean area down to base

Brush the base with the stainless steel brush until shiny

Heat the area to be weld evenly

As you heat the base, rub the rod vigorously against the heated piece until the rod flows

Never apply heat to the rod.

Excellent mechanical strength, greater than the welded part.
These Aluminium Welding Durafix rods make it possible to weld with no need for fusion or arc welding equipment.

The only requirement is a suitable torch for the part to be repaired.

Unlike the welds made with normal methods, the DURAFIX rods offer:
 – A stronger joint than the aluminium itself
 – A clean weld, free from impurities and pores
 – With a melt temperature of 390° Centigrade
 – With no fluxes
 – With no toxic fume emissions

 – Tensile strength: 3000-3300 kg/cm²
 – Compression strength: 4218-5373 kg/cm²
 – Shear strength: 1700 kg/cm²
 – Charpy impact test: 2.6876 m/kg for ¼” bar
 – Hardness (Brinell): 100
 – Ductility: Good
 – Melting point: 389°C
 – Specific gravity: 6.7 kg/dm³
 – Elongation in 2”: 3%
 – Coefficient of Linear Expansion: 15,4×10-6/°F
 – Electrical conductivity: 24.9% in relation to Cu
 –  Thermal conductivity: 0.24 cal/°C
 – Rod size: 45 cm × Ø 3.2 mm

Please click here to view a video of  how to use this product.

Spare Stainless Steel brushes are available in this section code 1246

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