Aluminium Welding Durafix 6 x 22 cm Rods

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These 6 x 2 cms sticks of Aluminium welding rod will weld most types of Aluminium with just a hand held propane type torch (In the Gas Welding Sets section code 1716) and it will produce a sound joint stronger than the parent metal.

No fluxes required,no fumes and a low working temperature of around 390C degrees

Comes with instructions, and a stainless steel brush

Clean area down to base

Brush the base with the stainless steel brush until shiny

Heat the area to be weld evenly

As you heat the base , rub the rod vigorously against the heated piece until the rod flows

Never apply heat to the rod.

Click Here to view a video of how to use Durafix

Spare Stainless Steel brushes are available in this section code 1246

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