Freqently Asked Questions

Freqently Asked Questions

Can I open an Account?  Sorry Welduk doesn’t operate any credit accounts.

Can I buy  gas bottles for my Bernzomatic  Gas Sets?  The gas bottles for these are no longer available in the UK, we can supply a similar bottles  but you will need to fit a compatible regulator to your equipment, this isn’t difficult just a case of cutting the old regulator off and fitting the new one on the end of the pipes with a hose clip.  

Can I have discount?  Welduk’s prices are already discounted to be competitive, we will occasionally be able to discount  bulk purchases and will often try to price match on major purchases.

Can you deliver to?:  International Deliveries, We can arrange delivery to most destinations world wide, unfortunately there are some items and some destinations we are not able ship please contact us for a quote

Offshore and Scottish Highland deliveries,  We can normally arrange for offshore and Highland deliveries,  these come at an increased cost which you will have to pay.  Unfortunately there are some items and some destinations we are not able ship please contact us for a quote

I want to return an item.  Before returning an item for any reason please contact us for a returns number, we cannot accept any returns without a valid returns number.  You must pack the item securely and include your name, address and the reason for return.  Return address:-  Welduk Ltd Returns (c/o Maydown International Tools Limited), 1 Hamel House, Calico Business Park, Sandy Way, Amington, Tamworth, B77 4BF

Can I run it off a 13 amp Plug?  There are a few welding machines that will run off a 13 amp supply (normal 3 pin domestic plugs) but most will need 16 amp or even higher, generally your welder needs to be less than 130 amp output to use 13 amp supply and will come with a fitted 13 amp plug, if it doesn’t have a fitted 13 amp plug it will require a bigger feed.  Most people will have the capacity to run a single phase welder off their domestic supply, cookers are generally at least 50 amps, electric showers are often 30 /40 amps  you just need to have a suitably rated  outlet installed, remember the further away from the consumer unit you are the bigger the cable will have to be and the same goes for any extension cables you may be going to use.  Consult a qualified electrition!

What size Generator?  Most welders will work off a generator although some are not happy, they all  require fairly big generating sets.  As a rule of thumb,  for stick welders (max rod size x 2 = kva) and for mig welders (maximum welding current x open circuit welding voltage +10% / 1000 = kva).  Sounds complicated but it’s not really,  eg. for a small mig with a max 150 amp output and 32v welding voltage (150 x 32 = 4800, +10% = 5280, / 1000 = 5.3 kva

My user name doesn’t work.  When we had our new website built all customer details were removed,  you will need to re-register on the new site.  If you are still having problems contact us:

What is Polarity?  Welders operating in DC will often have interchangeable leads. Whilst there are always exceptions to the rule normal polarity for welding is:

Arc.   dc-  (electrode is connected to the –ve terminal)

Mig.  DC+    (torch is connected to the +ve terminal)

Gasless Mig.  DC–   (Torch is connected to the –ve terminal)

Tig.  DC–   (Torch is connected to the –ve terminal)

My Migmate  PCB has blown.  The pcb’s fitted to SIP’s  Migmate  range of smaller welders is no longer available, we have arranged with Sip to have your old one repaired at their technical dept in Loughborough.  

Welding Terms.  Like many technical practices there are a lot of odd sounding names and or acronyms used, here are some of the popular ones

Arc.  Also known as Stick, MMA or SMAW,  a type of electric arc welding/welder using a flux coated consumed electrode (stick / rod) as filler metal. See Arc Welders

Gas.  Welding with a gas torch usually using Oxygen and Acetylene.   High temperature gas flame creates the weld pool with filler rod fed in manually. See Gas Equipment

Inverter.  An alternative to using a large transformer to produce low voltage high amperage welding current.  Reduces weight and power consumption in machine.

Mig / Mag  or GMAW,   a type of electric arc welding/welder using a spool of filler wire automatically fed into the weld and a shielding gas, also used to refer to machines using fluxed wire and no gas shield, gasless (FCAW) See Mig Welders

Tig, GTAW.  A type of electric arc welding/welder using a wasted tungsten electrode to produce the arc and a gas shield, filler wire is introduced manually similar to gas welding. see Tig Welders

Tungsten.   A type of metal but also used to describe an electrode used in TIG welding, these are supplied in different sizes and metal compositions (colour coded) for different applications. We stock gold  ones which are universal. See Tungstens